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Mini Y Trunk Fridge (For Model Y 5 seats)

Mini Y Trunk Fridge (For Model Y 5 seats)

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Save your trunk space

Installation position: rear trunk left    side sunken trunk space.

Inverter compressor

Automatically switch between  ECO power saving mode and MAX quick freezing mode according to the feedback from the temperature sensor, adjustable temperature from -5°C to 20°C.

 Double layers for different saving functions

Upper for freezing and lower for fresh food saving.


Digital display screen

Be able to check the temperature at any time touch panel controller: adjust a suitable temperature for food as you want.


A LED light is installed inside the refrigerator, helping you to see the interior and take items out.

Modern and technical appearance

Black and green color fit the Tesla interior.


Products Specs

Products name Model Y trunk fridge
Rated power 45w
Capacity 15L
Volt 12V / 16V
Configurable temperature -5°C to 20°C / 23°F to 68°F
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