**About the delivery time

Answer :The package will be delivered within 3-5 working days after the receipt of your payment .

**Troubleshooting while the touchscreen of the Mini Y Trunk Fridge dosen't work

Answer :

  1. Release the screws (6 screws )at the back of the fridge.
  2. Open the cover of the upper part of the fridge.
  3. Find out the power cable which is connected onto the right upper corner of the circuit board. Make sure the power cable is connected well with circuit board: Reconnect the power cable to the circuit board to check if the touchscreen works functionally . 
  4. Use a multimeter to check if there's current conveyance between the positive and negative terminals of the power line. Set the multimeter to direct current mode at 20 volts to operate checking . 
  5. Generally, the normal voltage is about 12 volts. If the multimeter shows the normal voltage, the issue lies with the circuit board. Customers need to contact with us to repair or process the replacement of the circuit board. 
  6. If the multimeter dosen't show the normal voltage, the issue lies with the power cable, customers need to replace the power cable.

**How to replace the circuit board of the Trunk Fridge when it doesn't  work?


  1. Disconnect all the cables from the circuit board before replacement .
  2. Replace the circuit board.
  3. Reconnect the cables to the circuit board , make sure they are well connected.
  4. Power on the fridge to make it functioning. 

**How to replace the power cable of the Trunk Fridge when it doesn't  work?


  1. Peel off the Velcroat the back of the fridge to find out the screws (4 screws ).
  2. Release the screws to open the back cover of the fridge.
  3. Release the two screws that fixed the output power cable. 
  4. Disconnect the  power cable from the fridge to replace it .
  5. Reconnect the power cable to the circuit board , make sure it is  well connected.
  6. Power on the fridge to make it functioning. 

**If the phone can't stick on the Magsafe phone holder

A magnetic ring is included inside the orginal packing . Stick the ring onto the back of the phone , inside or outside the phone cover , and the phone will be able to stick the magsafe phone holder

**How to charge the mobile with our charging phone holder 

Connect the charging phone holder and the charging port of Tesla with the cable of the phone holder . Place to mobile onto the charging holder to charge. 


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