Model Y Front Seat Trays

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Quick Access, Hidden Storage

Make use of the storage tray without needing to adjust your seat. Grab what you need immediately and get going. No jamming, no cramped storage space, and no messy appearance when you have company in the car.


An Original Fit

Create more hidden space that fits the curvature of the original car. The outer contour is sleek and fully integrated with the empty space under the seat. No need to force a good fit.

Safety First: Stash Safely

The below-the-seat storage tray features a rear row partition to keep whatever you stow from rolling under the pedals. Stay safe and free of hazards with secure storage.

Made from colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic materials. No strange smells, no seams, and no fingerprints left. The storage tray is created using high-precision molds and integrated injection molding. 

Customer Reviews

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Model Y Trays

These trays are a great addition to the Model Y! The additional storage is great for families and people who like to carry extra items in an organized way. Great product!

Good quality seat trays for Model Y

I didn't want my Nalgene water bottle just rolling around on the seats or the floors so I purchased these seat trays thinking that the bottle would fit, and it did. I purchased the trays without the silicone layer. I could see why the one that includes the silicone is pricier; it silences whatever is inside, otherwise, like mine, it just clinks/clunks/clanks as I drive. To remedy that though I just put a hand towel layer underneath my bottle and it seemed to do the trick. Also, if you happen to have the 3D maxpider mats or anything resembling that and the lips of the mats fold up, you'll have a hard time sliding out the trays. It's no fault of the trays though. I suppose it's a trade off if you want those kind of mats.

jacob l.
Front seat trays

So useful! Snug fit so they stay in place but easy enough to pull out. High quality with easy to clean, removable rubber liner.

Jenifardhinesh B.
Front seat trays

It perfectly fits my MYP even after the floor mats. Floors mats doesn’t interfere with the trays and we love the product

Christopher M.
Great product

Fits good, like the silicone touch

Jean-Marc E.
Quality and functional

These are well built and fit perfectly under the front seats. The amount of storage is quite nice. The silicone liner is a great option to keep the trays easily cleaned.

James K.
Exactly what I wanted.

The trays are a perfect fit. They are constructed of a material that keeps them in place without issue yet easily slid forward for access (even with all weather mats). I especially like the vinyl liner which helps keep small items from sliding around inside and is removable for cleaning.

Michael W.
Fits perfect

Adds a lot of storage and also keeps things from sliding underneath the seat.

Francisdon B.

Makes rubbing noise when adjusting seats.

Hi there,

So sorry for the inconvenience. We just sent you a DM to learn more about this issue. Looking forward to hearing from you there.

Lena D.
Model Y Front Seat Trays

Received my Model Y Front Seat Trays. Super fast delivery and top quality product. Definitely recommend.