2017-2020 Model 3 Wireless Charging Pad

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Best for Model 3 (Pre-June 2020)

Support Up to 10W Charging Speed1

1. Support Android devices charging speed at rates up to 10W. Support iPhone devices (include iPhone 12 series) charging speed at rates up to 7.5W. The charging rates vary from device to device. The wireless charging conversion rate is around 70%.

AI Powered Intelligent Distribution of Current with Three independent Coils

With Built-in 3 wireless charging loops, this charging pad provides stable output power. It can charge both sides at the same time with horizontal screen/vertical screen. Moreover, the three coils can work independently, without affecting the pad’s charging efficiency.

Stylish and Trendy Design to Upgrade Your Car Interior

The charging pad flaunts a stylish and trendy design, which instantly upgrades the interior of your car and gives it an attractive look.

Heat Dissipation Design for Fast Charging without Heating

At the edge of its charging board, you can find cooling holes which facilitates automatic heat dissipation. This feature cools the charger and phone continuously and ensures temperature remains normal during charging.

Support Qi Standard for Wireless Charging

Wireless QI technology utilizes the electromagnetic induction mode for charging. The Model 3 wireless charging pad is designed to support QI wireless charging standard as well. It means that this pad can support the Qi wireless charging standard supported mobile phones.

AI Powered Smart Chip for Better Efficiency and Safety

The pad uses high-efficiency AI smart chip that ensures real-time current distribution optimization, when the temperature of the device is too high. The intelligent high-temperature protection system triggers on automatically.

Benefits of Smart Chip

  • Overheating protection
  • Over current protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Intelligent shunt

Upgrade the Fast Charging Capability Even with Thick Phone Casing

Use high-quality resin material manufactured to upgrade the ultra-thin sensor front shell. This enables the mobile phone to sense at a faster rate with enhanced sensitivity and better heat dissipation performance. The front shelling has no impact on the red dot effect.

Highlighting Features of Wireless Charging Pad Model 3

  • 9 major upgrades
  • Hard core fast charge
  • Take you quickly to understand TEMAI wireless charging board
  • 10W high power
  • Independent three coils
  • Smart chip fast charge
  • Universal for Apple/Android
  • Over temperature protection
  • Safe without hurting the machine
  • Type-C dual interface
  • Automatic recognition of foreign objects
  • Smart sensor

How Dual Charging Feature Works?

  • A single punch on the left side, on the upper indicator light.
  • A single punch on the right, on the lower indicator light.
  • Both sides charge at the same time, when both the upper and lower indicator lights are on.

Remember that vertical charging can support fast charging of dual phones at the same time through intelligent current distribution.

Automatically and Intelligently Recognizes Foreign Objects

If there is foreign body obstruction, the charging pad intelligently and automatically detects it. The charging cuts off automatically and intelligent temperature control activates which continue charging. After fully charging your device, it trickles a buffer to restore the energy state of device and protect its battery. 

Foreign objects that charging pad instantly recognizes:

  • Key
  • Scissors
  • Metal products
  • Coin
  • Bank card

However, there are some things that you should avoid to ensure that charging pad works optimally:

  • Avoid blockage by metal shells or other foreign objects
  • Avoid using a magnetic phone case
  • Avoid metal phone cases
  • Avoid using phone case with a buckle

Holds European Union International Certification for Quality Assurance

This innovative charging pad holds EU CE certification, American FCC certification and EU ROHS certification.

Dual Type-C Charging Ports Ensure Fast Charging

Upgraded Dual Type-C charging ports on the back of the charging board ensure fast charging. Come with two dual-interface USB separation cables to support the power outlet and U disk data reading port in the meantime.


How to Install and Provide Power Supply

Here are a few easy steps to install and provide power supply to the pad.

Charging with USB Power Supply Mode

Step 1
  • Remove the black tray.
  • Remove the original pad installed in Tesla to replace it with Model 3/Y wireless charger.
  • Take out the two charging cables used for USB charging and replace them with the wireless charging pad’s power cord. 

Step 2
  • Pass the source of wireless charging cable across the center support plate. Then, connect it to the two integrated ports for insertion of USB cable.
Step 3:
  • Lastly, put the wireless charging on the car’s interior pallet and cover it.

In the box

1x wireless charging pad
2x USB-A connector 
2x USB to lighting


Tech specs

Product name Wireless charging pad
Product number TM3-M03
Executive standard Support iPhone and Android smartphones compatible with QI wireless charging standard
Product color Champagne gold
Output power 5W / 7.5W / 10W 
Input power 5V~2.0A / 9V~1.7A
Weight 600 gram (include package)
Product size 7.5*6.8*0.98 inches

190*173*25 mm

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