2017-2020 Model 3/Y Gravity Phone Mount (Pre-refresh Air Vent)

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Custom-built as a Perfect Match for the Model 3/Y

The TEMAI phone mount adheres to the same sleek, minimalistic and postmodern design that is the appeal of the Tesla design.

Precision Molding

The modeling of the mount was based on 3D precision scanning with the Model 3/Y—which perfectly matches the shape and stability of the vehicle.

The phone mount’s material is made out of a high-quality automotive grade ABS molding. This has UV resistance, and sandblasted edges to prevent scratching and deformation in the heat. The clamps themselves are cushioned with thick protective silicon to prevent slipping, or damage to the phone and dashboard.

Built in Vent for Superior Airflow

The mount comes with a build in vent which allows the air-conditioning or heat to blow through without any hinderance.

Securely Locks in Place

The phone is locked in place automatically after being set in the mount arm. Using gravity to clamp the arms securely and safely around your phone.

Removing the phone is as simple as lifting the phone out of the cradle of the phone mount.

Rugged and Solid

The phone mount is incredibly sturdy. With an alloy mechanical linkage structure, the automatic triangle clamping arm is noiseless, and seamless when withstanding sudden stops and speedbumps.

Customization for any Driver’s Height or Preference

With a 360-degree ball joint, the phone can be tilted in any direction, compensating for any driver’s height or preference.

This allows one handed operation, without the customer having to look down at the device. When autopilot is turned on, the whole experience is completely hands-free.

The TEMAI phone mount installation requires no glue and is simple to install and remove at your convenience.

A Clear Line of Sight Through the Front and Side Windows

Statistically, when a driver’s view is blocked, accidents can increase up to 35%. No longer an issue with the TEMAI phone mount. The location of the mount gives you a clear line of sight through the front and side windows, leaving you with the feeling of navigating from a new HUD in your car.

Support Phone Screen Size Up to 6.9-inch. 

Compatible from iPhone 12 mini to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Suggest using a phone case for iPhone mini to ensure stability while driving. The thickness of a phone case over 5 mm (1/16") for iPhone 12 Pro Max might exceed the phone mount limits.

Apple silicone case and average phone cases thickness are 2 mm (5/64").

The other phone mount’s location blocks the line of sight—leading to an obstructed view.
The other phone mount’s bracket location is in the middle of the instrument panel, cluttering the operation of the vehicle by hindering the steering wheel and controls.
The other phone mount’s base is created with a faulty design creating rattling sounds and scratching the dashboard. The eye-sore location and shaking of the bracket destroys the harmony of a peaceful ride.
The other phone mount’s design is bloated and does not mesh with the sleek design of the Tesla image. The color and shape contradicts Tesla’s minimalistic simple style.

A Ride that Matches the Style and Elegance of the Tesla

With the high quality TEMAI phone mount design, your phone will only be a touch away, in a safe and secure spot. You are guaranteed to not only have a safer ride—but a ride that matches the style and elegance of the Tesla experience, just as you were intended to have.

Tech specs

Product name 2017-2020 Pre-refresh Air Vent Model 3/Y phone mount
Product number TM3-M05
Product material Aluminum alloy + ABS
Product color Space grey
Installation location End of dashboard
Installation method Clip-on


Customer Reviews

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Tesla model 3

Great phone holder, clips into place. Watch the video on Youtube as it makes it much easier to understand. The only issue I ran into was the air flow can block out the outgoing voices so just turn the air down when the phone being used. Ordered this on Thursday and it arrived on Sat to AZ. Great packaging and fast delivery. Thank you,