Model 3/Y Flexible Electric Phone Mount

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Flexible placement

Redesigned phone mount base

Support up to 6.7-inch phone screen

An iPhone 12 mini with phone case or an iPhone 12 Pro Max without case. 

Include two phone mount bases

  • The Model 3/Y flexible phone mount base.
  • The 2021-2023 Model 3/Y with refreshed air vent phone mount base.

Noiseless and Sturdy

The phone mount is positioned for an unobstructed view of the road. The silica gel panel prevents movement and noise, while maintaining a sturdy grip while traveling.

One touch to open, and one touch to close.

The mount will also automatically clamp shut when the phone touches the panel sensor. This one-handed operation reduces any hazards of operating while driving.

Thick silicone protective cushion. 

The clamps themselves are cushioned with thick protective silicon to prevent slipping, rattling or damage to the phone.

Up to 2 weeks per single charge

Based on 5 times a day without extreme temperatures and an average driving environment.

Various Installation Locations

Middle of the dashboard

Clip the top bottom groove

End of the dashboard

Clip the bottom groove. 

Make it stable

Push the ball joint all the way into the phone mount base. Tightened the ball joint.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
James W.
Awesome Mount!

I have tried a few different phone mounts for my Model Y, this Temai Mount is by far the best. It matches the car trim colors perfectly and the style fits the feel of the car.

Mary W.
Very stable phone mount

This is very easy to install, is out of way and securely holds phone in place. Also very easy to load and unload phone in holder.

Best Non-MagSafe Phone Mount for Tesla

I researched a lot of different phone mounts before settling on this one. I like the fact that it can sit out of the view of the road and does not negatively affect visibility. Also, the new design does not leave any scuff marks or scratches on the dash board. It can be operated with one hand, which allows for safer use while driving. Charging the mount’s motor does not take long at all. It looks high end and sophisticated once installed. The installation process also is very straightforward. The box comes included with parts that can be used on both older and newer models of vehicle. When I received my mount and tried using it, I encountered motor malfunctions. I reached out to Temai describing the problem. They asked me to provide a video of the issue which I did. Once they saw the malfunction, they sent me a replacement motor. The replacement unit has been working flawlessly. Now that I have a fully functional mount, I can honestly say I feel I made the right decision. I like the fact that it holds the phone strongly and does not make any annoying rattling sounds when driving. Time will gauge product reliability. But for now I am satisfied. The only negative perhaps may be the cost. But this is one of the nicest mounts I have seen available. If you are in the market for a nice phone mount and you do not need MagSafe charging ability then this one is really the best choice in my opinion.

Dent in dashboard

I love this mount but stopped using it as it was leaving a dent on my dashboard. The description says no dents however my dash had a dent after using it for 3 days. Luckily, the dent isn't super deep but it's still visible after removing it a day ago. I'm sad I won't be using it anymore because of this.

Hi there,

So sorry for the inconvenience. We will send you a separate direct message to address this issue.

Richard L.
Electric Phone Mount

Works as advertised. Fits neatly in the air vents.

Mark H.
What title?

The charge only seems to last a day or two.
How long should a charge last?

Hi Mark,

Sorry for the inconvenience. The full charge takes about 35-40 mins. Each charge can last about 2-3 weeks. If would be abnormal if only last a day or two after fully charged. Could you reach out to that we can help you further from there?

Henry S.
a wonderful device but be advised about its precision.

the cellphone mount is a perfect design, and it's automatic re-chargeable battery powered cellphone acquisition and release operation is unbelievably smooth and cool, BUT if you have covered the dash (as I did) with a simulated carbon fiber cover to hide the strange wood grain dash (who knows why Elon would choose a simulated wood dash in a 21st C. automobile that changed the World's attitude about gasoline and/or diesel powered vehicles) BUT with the added thickness of my simulated carbon fiber dash cover the cellphone mount won't stay in the vent slot. Going to have to DREMEL the cover to install the mount. Boo-Hoo

Joel R.
perfect for my car

Its a nice looking phone holder fixture that does not take too much space on my dashboard.

Fits and matches '22 Model 3 perfectly - but does squeak/creak a bit...

Overall build quality is excellent and electronic open/close arm works perfectly. Easy to install and doesn’t seem to leave any indentation in the dash surface. Fits iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Fold4 (closed) without any issues.

Mounted landscape in ’22 Model 3, screen angle could be better in lowest or most bottom position. Perhaps pivot-point could be a little higher.

Watch Item: The plastic ball-joint or connection does creak over rough and uneven roads. Have hand-tighten very firmly and seems to only creak over very bouncy conditions. Will continue to use if solved, otherwise will discard as creaking is loud and distracting.

Edgar G.B.
So far so good

So far the product works great, I just wish the release button was somewhere else because whenever I move the phone holder it always pops out. Other than that it's good