Model 3/Y Car Diffuser

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Every drive feels like an adventure.

Installing one car diffuser unit will allow a light scent of your choosing to waft around the car. If you are seeking a stronger and more formidable scent, we recommend installing two air freshener cartridges. With two cartridges installed you will immediately be greeted by our wonderful scent upon entering the vehicle.

Blossom berry

Top notes: Rose, Black currant
Middle notes: Citrus fruit
Base notes: Pine, Wood

A refreshing black currant scent that celebrates youth and ages like a fine wine. Perfect for leisurely drives on hazy summer days, ushering you into the glory of spring and lighting up your world through the coldest winter days. 

Sunset valley

Top notes: Jasmine, Grass
Middle notes: Lemon, Lily of the valley
Base notes: Cedar, Amber

Sunset silhouettes for the romantic in you. Twilight-heavy flowers that make every drive feel like a rendezvous with a teenage lover. Unleash the jasmine and lily of the valley to bring a mild energy to your evenings. 

Customized for vent installation

Fully customized for Model 3 and Model Y air vents through 3D laser scanning and modeling. Fits perfectly into the air vent in your Model 3 and Model Y.

Controlled diffusion 

Different weather conditions and personal settings affect fragrance diffusion rate. Keep the air vent open in the car to accelerate scent diffusion rate, or close the air vent to control the diffusion rate. The cold air at the vent is slightly weaker, and the hot air is slightly thicker. Personal preferences and sense of smell also affect your experience. 

Pure natural essential oils

The car diffuser contains environmentally friendly and non-harmful substances. Alcohol-free.

Usage time

A fragrance insert typically lasts 2 weeks. Lifespan is affected by temperature, humidity and ventilation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Olor muy suave y agradable.

Perfume Tesla

Liked and beautiful

Henry W.
Goes well with the car

Isn’t over powering on the scents, fits in nicely on the vent area and doesn’t slide around.

Leo J.

Installation is easy and fits perfectly. However I don’t like the scent much and most of my family cannot smell it

sleek and cool

Very cool and classic air freshener. Highly recommended.


Works great and smells nice

Daniel S.

Very elegant in the car and love the smell.

Arturo G.

Sunset valley Smells AMAZING. It looks Really good in the car it’s very subtle and I have gotten many compliments on the smell.

Great Hint if Refresh for Model Y and 3!

Easy to install and adds an elegant look to the vehicle. Smells great! Not too strong, just perfect!

Neeraj S.
Need some design updates

The quality and ingredients of air freshener is very nice and great. It fits perfectly between the gap but there are could of suggestions for design that can make it even more better. First try the color grey which can blend with the color of dashboard like your phone mounts has. Second one is that we should redesign it so that we can control the intensity of the air freshener to flow out as for some it is too strong so a flow control design will be a good idea .