Model 3/Y Flexible Electric Phone Mount

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Flexible placement

Redesigned phone mount base

Support up to 6.7-inch phone screen

An iPhone 12 mini with phone case or an iPhone 12 Pro Max without case. 

Include two phone mount bases

  • The Model 3/Y flexible phone mount base.
  • The 2021-2022 Model 3/Y with refreshed air vent phone mount base.

Noiseless and Sturdy

The phone mount is positioned for an unobstructed view of the road. The silica gel panel prevents movement and noise, while maintaining a sturdy grip while traveling.

One touch to open, and one touch to close.

The mount will also automatically clamp shut when the phone touches the panel sensor. This one-handed operation reduces any hazards of operating while driving.

Thick silicone protective cushion. 

The clamps themselves are cushioned with thick protective silicon to prevent slipping, rattling or damage to the phone.

Up to 2 weeks per single charge

Based on 5 times a day without extreme temperatures and an average driving environment.

Various Installation Locations

Middle of the dashboard

Clip the top bottom groove

End of the dashboard

Clip the bottom groove. 

Make it stable

Push the ball joint all the way into the phone mount base. Tightened the ball joint.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
John M.
Works great at any position along dash.

Just please put instructions in the box telling customer there are TWO bases in the box, the new, any position one and the old, left end one. Both are included. Easy to install. Worth the price.

Keith B.

Makes the space usable and the trays fit perfectly

Mark F.

The best cell phone holder for Tesla. I have the 2021 Model 3 and it fits perfect and holds iPhone 13 Pro Max with case real sturdy.

Himanshu G.
Great Product

I have enjoyed my phone mount from the day I purchased it. Fits in perfectly and holds my iphone sturdy. The only thing to callout is the open and close feature works slightly shaky when you have your cover on. You will have to press against the mount few times before it closes. Something which temai team can look into.

Josh I.
Best electric phone mount I've found, clear ball joint could be a little taller

This order comes with 2 optional mounting choices. One mounts to the left corner of the vehicle dashboard which is sturdy and has a click-lock mount, the other can be moved anywhere but only has a slide in piece for the phone which has to get pushed in pretty hard for it to stay. Once you've pushed it in all the way it's really secure and holds even heavy phones like the S21 Ultra well. I do wish this clear piece was a little taller as phones have gotten taller but overall this is a great mount and fits my Model 3 perfectly.

Great product

The product was great and easy to install without damaging the dashboard. But I decided to return it because the distant of the mount is rather far which is not very accessible.


This are top quality item, recommended.

Modern Look for Modern Vehicle Tesla M3/Y

Phone mount fits for our iPhone 12 Pro Max. The electric arms motor is quiet and well constructed. Make sure to secure the ball joint to ensure mount is firm and I will be able to hold heavier phones. It’s nice to be able to move the mount along the dash without limitation. Great for passenger and driver with yoke.

jai l.

Good product

David S.
Good produce

The phone mount performs as advertised and expected.